CWA Members Rally for a Fair Contract

CWA state workers at HESAA, Stockton University, and other state worksites across NJ have been meeting up to show their solidarity as we negotiate a new contract with the state. Make sure your branch president or shop steward has your email address to stay up-to-date and informed about actions at your worksite\.

CWA NJ State Workers Show Solidarity

On Wednesday, April 26th, Local 1031 joined with the other CWA Locals to deliver our petition with over 10,000 signatures calling for a fair contract with raises we deserve, protecting telework and protecting high-quality healthcare.

Members, leaders, and our bargaining team marched to the State House in Trenton, carrying a banner bearing the names of the 10,000+ members that signed our petition. Once there, we made our voices heard and delivered our petition to the Governor’s office. NJCU’s branch president, Andy Glogovsky, was selected to be 1031’s representative, personally delivering the petition on behalf of our members.

Check out a replay of the live stream of the rally here!

“We, the Executive Branch employees of the State of New Jersey, stand united in our demand for respect and dignity through a good union contract. We are fighting for significant salary increases that recognize our current economic climate. We are fighting for affordable, quality healthcare, especially in light of the pandemic. We are fighting to modernize our workplaces in order to recruit and retain a talented workforce so we can provide the services NJ residents deserve.”

CWA 1031 Solidarity Day – April 6th

Thank you to the over 10,000 members who have signed the petition calling for a Fair Contract Now!

It is not too late to add your name to the thousands of others who are fighting for a new State Worker contract with raises, protecting our healthcare, and expanding our workplace programs like telework.

Sign the Petition –

Thursday, April 6 is a CWA 1031 State Worker Solidarity Day

This Thursday, April 6, we ask all members to WEAR CWA RED to work, whether you are working in office or remotely.

We are building visibility around our contract negotiations while our bargaining team meets with the State this week. We ask our members to WEAR RED and take solidarity pictures with your coworkers, or a selfie if you are teleworking, or at lunch with a few of your coworkers holding a “Fair Contract Now” sign.