Healthcare Ombudsperson Program

A Negotiated Benefit Through Our CWA-State of NJ Contract

The Healthcare Ombudsperson Program is a joint venture between CWA and the State of New Jersey to provide education and counseling to employees, to resolve employee issues effectively and efficiently, and to work collaboratively to create better healthcare outcomes.

If you have a healthcare question or assistance with your benefits, please reach out to your branch president or other representative, and they will get you in contact with the CWA Local 1031 Healthcare Ombudsperson.

COVID-19 At Home Testing Coverage for State Health Benefits Program

Full Q&A On how this coverage will work is here:

Some quick highlights:

  1.  For “In network” coverage, you must go to a Rite Aid, Sam’s Club, or Walmart Pharmacy to get the tests completely free of cost. They are looking to add more pharmacies to that list, and if there are significant changes to that list, I will update you if I hear about them.
  2. If you go to an “out of network” provider, you can submit a claim to OptumRX and get reimbursed up to $12 (or the cost of the test, whichever is lower) per test. Make sure you save your receipts, and if you order online you are responsible for shipping costs.
  3. The plan will cover up to 8 tests per month for each person covered on your plan. (A single person could get 8 tests, a family of four would be eligible for 32, etc.) You do not need to purchase all your eligible tests at once, but you can only get up to 8 per month.
  4. There is a list of 9 tests that are FDA Authorized and covered by this plan. It is in the Q&A Document (

To keep up with all news from the State Health Benefits Plan, you can also check the division’s website here:


All changes to your health insurance benefits are done through the Benefitsolver website.

Everside & R-Health are offering free Flu and COVID-19 Vaccines to all SHBP members


Select programs for CWA members enrolled in the NJ State Health Benefits Programs (NJ SHBP)

NJ WELL – Earn $350

Your well-being matters. NJ Well provides inclusive and holistic experiences to meet members’ needs through activities and educational programming to support healthy lifestyles. Obtain 800 points and earn a reward.

myChoice Find A Provider

A fast, easy, and smart way to find and book healthcare. Formerly known as Amino Health.

  • Log in through the MyNewJersey Portal and click the “Benefits Solver” link
  • Use the “My Choice Find a Provider” Link on the right hand side of the screen

Horizon Health Guides

You’ll get the most from your benefits because your Horizon Health Guide knows your benefits inside and out — and they want to get to know you too!

Horizon bFit

Earn a $20 monthly reward for going to the gym or getting your steps in. Available to members and their dependents.

Hinge Health

Conquer back or joint pain with this in-home, app-based exercise program. Available to members and their dependents.

Other Horizon Health Programs

Healthcare in Retirement